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In powder coating, metal workpieces are first pre-treated in a chromium-free and environmentally friendly manner, sprayed with polyester powder and then fired at 200 to 220 °C. During the firing process, the plastic powder flows and cross-links to form a permanent coating. This gives you a protective and attractive surface, matt, textured or glossy as desired.


  • High quality surface finishing
  • Choice of numerous color options
  • Short processing times
  • Environment-friendly process
  • Long-lasting corrosion protection
  • Use of powder coatings harmless to health
  • Dirt-repellent effect for easy cleaning


All electrically conductive workpieces are suitable for powder coating. All parts of the workpiece to be coated must be able to withstand heating to 220 °C. Our powder coating plant is suitable for coating individual parts as well as for series production.

There are virtually no limits in the choice of colors. We realize RAL and special colors in different gloss variants and surface structures. This results in individually coated surfaces - from silky gloss to matt and from smooth to coarsely textured in your desired color.

We coat formats up to 2.30 x 2.30 x 1.80 meters.


  • Wheel rims
  • Car parts
  • Railing and facade parts
  • Garden gates and fence elements
  • Metal furniture
  • Parts for industrial use
  • Machine components

We have an extensive wealth of experience and would be pleased to inform you about the various possibilities of our powder coating system.

If you have any questions about powder coating and would like individual production advice, please contact us directly.

In addition, we also support you in mold and model making as well as in construction.

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